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Se, miksi viesti on täällä: "Audio description for visually-impaired people (coming soon)."

Sillä aikaa voit vaikka lueskella tämän valmistelevan viestin, joka kertoo softasta ja varusteista, jotka nykyisellään voivat auttaa kuulovammaisia elokuvan katsojia. En ehkä saa ppt:tä liitettyä tänne, mutta katso pätkä Youtubesta. Klikkaa engl. tekstitys päälle ruudun alareunasta.

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Dear Colleagues and Friends,

I will take a couple of minutes of your time to draw your attention on a brand new service in the field of media accessibility for deaf (and blind) people at cinema. The name is MovieReading and consists in a dedicated application that allows downloading captions (and AD) on Apple/Android-based devices and reading them when you are at the cinema. I am involved in this revolutionary and innovative service that has been developed in Italy for one year now. A team of professional subtitlers produces captions (and soon, AD as well!) and makes them available on the platform. At cinema, the device recognizes the exact frame of the audio and automatically synchronizes captions! 

The reason why I am writing to you is that the application is now available in all countries, so you can download it now - its' free! (and run the so-called compatibility test) but in order to make it a 'global' service, we need to set up permanent 'structures' in each country, so we are interested in getting in touch with possible partners. 

We think that the best would be collaborating with 'local' partner in each country, but we are - of course - open to suggestions and proposals.
I know that many of you work for subtitling companies, have good contacts locally and could be interested in joining

I attach a presentation of MovieReading for you to read, and I will be happy to provide any other information (pyytäkää tämä Veralta erikseen, siinä on lisää infoja!)

Sorry this was not meant to be a 'commercial' message, but was rather aimed at raising awareness about a brand new opportunity which, I think, could stimulate us as researchers as well.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Thanks a lot,


Vera Arma
ARTIS Project
Audiodescription Respeaking Translation Interpreting Subtitling
skype veraarma
tel/fax. +39 0761-402864
cell. +39 339-5015639

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